Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day Book

I'm all about another great classroom book.  My kids are too.  In fact, they love them so much that sometimes the books bring out the worst in them.  Even our favorites need to be shared.  Anyway, I made one of those first day frames that are all over Pinterest, and it found its way into our first classroom book of the year.

Yep, that's me on my first day too.  I do my best to sneak my way into every class book.  I think it sends an important message to all the little readers and writers in my room.

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  1. Your book turned out so cute! I know they will love reading it over and over!
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Totally love this! I also love how classroom books are always the hottest book in the room! It is so fun to see the kids interested in what their friends wrote!
    Light A Fire in Third

    1. Thanks Julie. They are for sure hot items, which is exactly why we make so many.