Friday, February 8, 2013

Mailing Our Opinions

Today was mail day in my classroom.  Each writer got to choose one of their persuasive letters to revise, edit, publish, put in an envelope, and send off.  
  • Our principal received some letters about problems kids noticed around the school.  We've got Noticing Notebooks to keep track of issues in our school and world beyond.  Look here if you'd like to know more.  By the way, he's planning on writing back.  Can't wait to see what he says. 
  • Lots of parents and a few siblings got letters about wishes, wants, and problems.  Sorry Matthew, but I've got a feeling your parents won't be too keen on the pet snake idea.
  • Destiny wrote a letter to one of my boys about a problem he was causing for her at recess, and she was so polite about it.  Talk about conflict resolution.
  • A local radio station will be getting a letter from David asking them to play Weird Al songs.  How does a six-year old know about Weird Al?
  • I was even the recipient of some letters.  Apparently the noise in our classroom gives Libby a headache, which makes me laugh since our noise level is always very reasonable.  I also discovered that Jordyn wants longer books in her book basket.  This was an interesting one, so I had to share.

FYI: Writing Workshop isn't silent in my room, but Matty's point is well-taken!  :)  

One of the things I'm loving about persuasive writing is teaching little people that their writing can be used as a powerful tool to change their world.  What a gift that is to them.

I'll be looking forward throughout the next week to hear about the letters they get back from their readers!

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  1. How much can I possibly LOVE how you've given them a voice!! Rock on, Tammy.

    1. Thank you much Barbara. They do have voices that others need to hear.

  2. Weird Al Songs? Must be a parent playing those tunes at home! I love your passion for writing and was just talking to my principal friend about her run in with Lucy C. at a recent conference! I know you like her very much!
    Keep up the great work Tammy!
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    1. Julie, I'd love to run into Lucy. That would be a highlight for sure!

  3. Sounds like a great unit! I have a child in my class who sometimes says its too loud, too:). Huh? We're not THAT bad -- haha.
    Grade ONEderful
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    1. Barbara, it's been fun trying out persuasive writing. We're all enjoying it. (Kids are funny sometimes, huh?)