Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Sayings: A School Thing

The voice of Regie Routman is one that has repeatedly played over and over in my head throughout my career.  She's taught me a lot, but the thought above is one of the most foundational principals that has influenced my pedagogy.  Regie preaches authenticity, and she sees a difference between what typically takes place in schools and what takes place in the real world.  She wants to bridge the gap by making classroom instruction mirror the world that kids live in when they're not in our classrooms.  Yep, Regie's all about things I'd like to be all about.  I can't say I'm altogether there.  There are things that happen in my classroom that are more school-ish than I'd like, and I struggle to find ways to make them more like the real world.  I guess that's what Regie wants of me though - to reflect and ask the hard questions about school things.  I so want to be like her.

This past week I read a blog post from Regie via Facebook and left her a message. 

Can I be me and her at the same time?

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  1. Once again, your quote has given me something to think about that I hadn't considered before. I think real-world applications are very important-I need to find ways to incorporate those more.


  2. This is a fabulous quote!! And I know your class works on real world, authentic activities! :)
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Lori, I try to make my class work that way.

  3. Hi Tammy! Thought-provoking, as usual. :-)

    Loved the response to your comment too! Be you and keep asking the hard questions. That is what makes you a great teacher!

    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. Crystal, I loved her response too. She's just so smart and knows exactly what to say. Thank you for your comments. They do mean a lot to me!

  4. I love her just as you do and I, too, have a tendency to wan to "be" someone. I love her response because that is what we miss in teaching too sometimes isn't it? We need to model just how okay it is to be ourselves and share our voice and love ourselves. You have given me much to think about. thank you

    First in Maine

    1. Kimberley, it's just so hard to not want to be as extraordinary as someone as Regie. :) Thank you for coming. I always enjoy what you contribute!

  5. Regie came to Victoria years ago and I attended her workshops. She's amazing and I have almost all her books!
    Your quote is the one big thing I've taken from her books ... keep it authentic. I strive for that also. It's hard sometimes because I'm very attracted to the all the cutesy cut and paste activities out there. But I try hard to keep it real.
    I'm off to check Regie out on facebook!
    Take care, Tammy.
    Barbara @
    Grade ONEderful
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