Monday, May 27, 2013

Big Foot Meets 1st Grade (freebie)

My mathematicians spent time this year measuring up one side of my classroom and down the other...literally.  I love the following idea that I borrowed from Van de Walle.  The kids used large footprints to measure my class from one wall to the other.  It's a great way to work on no gaps and overlaps while using units, as well as the importance of choosing the right unit for the job.  

The kids also used the following sheet for the task.  The first group of students wrote their measurement in the top box.  All other groups after them would measure the room and then either sign their names in the agree column or sign the disagree column along with the measurement they got.

(Click the picture for your own copy.)

I borrowed this sheet from Math Their Way and spruced it up a bit.  I've used it for all types of math activities, from place value to counting to measurement to addition or subtraction (and much much more).  Feel free to get yourself a copy and let me know how you end up using it too!

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  1. Thanks for the Freebie; I love it! I'm a big Van de Walle fan, and I definitely want to read Math Their Way. I'll have to put that on my wishlist now!

    Amy @ The Littlest Superheroes

    1. Amy, you're very welcome. Isn't Van de Walle great?

  2. Big Foot measuring fun!! How many measured their own foot for comparison? :)
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Lori, in fact they didn't, but that would be a great extension!

  3. I listened to VandeWalle speak quite a few years ago. He was amazing.
    I'm pinning this.