Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Numberless Clocks (freebie)

My blog and I are still in measurement mode, specifically telling time.  I believe my kids understand it better than any group I've had.  (Their teacher is getting smarter...finally.)  I give all credit to an article I read.  It spells out four engaging lessons that I'd highly recommend.  Go here to get your own copy.  I especially love how it stresses teaching the hour hand separate from the minute hand.  This post is a glimpse into what it was like to teach the minute hand.  (To get all the details, check out the whole lesson in the article.)

One of the things the lesson recommends is using a numberless clock like the one below.  Click on the picture to get your own copy. 

First I drew the minute hand directly pointing to a 5-minute mark.  "How many minutes past the hour is it?"  We practiced with a few of those easier ones before I started pointing the minute hand to one of the smaller lines, which of course is a more difficult concept.  

I got pretty lucky too, because graciously sent me some dry erase pockets, which came in mighty handy for practicing this skill.

I inserted two of my numberless clocks, back-to-back, in each pocket and used a dry-erase marker to draw the minute hand.

Each group got their own dry erase pocket.  As one child held the pocket, the others wrote the number of minutes it was showing.  The child would pass it, turn it around to the other side, and everyone would count and write the minutes again.  When they had completed both sides of their pocket, I could quickly erase and draw new hands.  Pretty slick! 

Like I said, this was merely a glimpse into the lesson.  I left out lots of good parts.  You should really check out the article.  You also should check out and their dry erase pockets.  They saved me copies and time, and no doubt they can be used numerous other ways as well!

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  1. Your kids are going to be experts at telling time! Love the pockets too!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Lori, I sure do hope so! They're getting there at least.

  2. Nice! I've been pinning these "time" lessons:)

  3. I am excited to download the article today at school!
    Would it hurt to make copies and sent it home to a few of my parents who would benefit from the Instructional approach to teaching it??
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Julie, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to share with parents. Maybe a summarized version would be better. :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! Some of my little darlings are still having trouble with time so I think we will start again with this version and see how it goes. I am excited to try it!
    First Grade Shenanigans

    1. Dawn, you're very welcome. I hope this makes sense for them. :)