Thursday, June 12, 2014

Classroom Books Galore (freebie)

By the end of the year, our tub of classroom books is overflowing, and the kids still love reading them.  I've been working on a document that highlights each one.  I've been posting them a few pages at a time.  (Go here, here, here, here to get copies of previous pages.)  Click each picture to get your own copies.

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    1. Thank you Tara. They've been fun and rewarding to make.

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    1. Lori, I do know that and I don't mind you telling me again. :)

  3. Tammy, I have become a little bit (lot) obsessed with your blog! Taught music for 15 years, got a Masters in El. Ed and taught 4th grade for three years (loved!). I'm moving to first grade this year. You have gotten me so excited about first grade. If I do nothing else, it will be classroom books. Genius!! I will continue to follow you as I go through the year. I have a question for you - what first grade read-alouds (chapter books) do you share with your kids? I'll really miss that part of 4th grade!!! So much good stuff. Thank you, thank you.

    1. Cindy, you've blessed me with your response. I love that what I'm sharing can help someone else. Thank you for letting me know. As for chapter books, that is not my specialty unfortunately. I love Gary Hogg's Spencer's Adventures and my kids do too. This year I also read The BFG. I definitely need to venture out a little!