Tuesday, December 20, 2011

To RACK or Not to RACK?

I was challenged by a post from The First Grade Parade this December.  You can read about it in my post entitled Inspired to RACK!  Will I do it again next year? I respond with a hearty, "Yes and amen!"  My one hope was that it would thoroughly seep into the hearts of my kids and so fill them up that it had to leak into their lives outside of school.  From what I've heard, that's just what happened.  Can I get a witness?  Here are a few testimonials.

This comes from Libby's mother:
I LOVE Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.  She really did make my bed this morning, and she started a "RACK" club with me and some stuffed animals.  She has also been making lists of RACK's she could do for her siblings.  Much better than the Christmas lists to Santa she had been consumed with :)  Thanks for the awesome idea!

This is from Hailey's mom:
Thank you for all you do!  The absolute highlight for Hailey thus far was your secret santa 12 days of Christmas.  She LOVED it all so much and could not wait to tell me all each day.  Academically, you are the best.  But more importantly, you ALWAYS seem to find time to really teach these little ones what matters most in life and about serving , respecting and love.  You always teach them how to FEEL...an amazing gift.

Here's Garrett's mom:
The RACKing continues and has spurred his big brother Austin to do some RACKing also. Garrett has RACKed me by helping to set the table, get my slippers and clean up after Austin made a mess.  He made his bed one day without having to be asked.  Today he even gave Austin the last cookie in the container and left a note saying "You've been RACKed".  Today Austin decided he would RACK Garrett and made him a lunch complete with a special piece of candy.  He even cut his sandwich into the shape of a dinosaur for him.  He too left a note saying "You've been RACKed."  It's spreading!!! Thanks so much.

Dakota's mom:
Dakota loved RACKing.  The only one I actually witnessed her do was at the grocery store.  She put away four carts that were left out.  She informed me it is one if your pet peeves.  :) She was very excited to tell me about the ones you did at school each day. She wanted to do more at home but the things she was coming up with were pretty expensive and at very inconvenient times. She did love it, though.  The seeds have been planted.  Every year we pick names in our family and do secret acts for that person.  The RACKing showed her that she can look around and find people and situations anytime and anywhere.  Thank you!!

This is what Jackson's mom has to say:
Jackson has talked A LOT about RACK!  I thought it was so fabulous that he got so into it!  We are doing cookies for our neighbors so he can RACK them :)

This is from Paige, who was RACKed with hot chocolate while on recess duty.  The next day Abbey had a conversation with her about that moment.
She said her bucket was still really full because she brought me hot chocolate on the playground.

Those stories alone make it all worthwhile.  How could I not make RACKing a tradition in my room?

Also, Libby's RACK list inspired me.  Towards the end of our 12 days, we each made our own list.  Here are a few examples.

(Translation:  Make my mom's bed.  Do my laundry without asking mom.  Wash the windows nice and clean.  Make cookies with mom.  Make cookies.)
(Translation:  Make the bed.  Make pictures for them.  Make sure the house is clean.  Leave treats for them.  Give a hug.  Buy stuff for them.  Make presents for them.)
(Translation:  Put a treat on the table.  Do not fight.  Clean every single room.  Fold clothes.  Be nice.  Clean the kitchen.)

I say none of this to toot my own horn.  If you've read my first RACK post, you know this was not my own idea.  I'm just thankful that I was blessed to stumble across the idea and watch how it affected the lives of my youngsters, hopefully forever.
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