Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trash Into Treasures

Several years ago I discovered the joy of making classroom books.  It's actually the act of watching kids read them time after time until they literally fall apart that brings me joy.  We make several throughout our nine months together, and each child gets to take at least two home at the end of the year as souvenirs.  

We recently made four books out of environmental print that kids brought from home during the first month of school.  The "trash" covered our back door and spilled on to the surrounding wall.  Instead of throwing it out, my little readers/eaters chose their favorites, and some packing tape and text turned the trash into treasures that the kids love to read.  (There's also a dinner book that's not shown here.)

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  1. Great idea, Tammy! Can't believe I'm still stumbling on "new to me" posts! :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. Crystal, thank you. I keep thinking that I'll run out of things to post about. :)