Saturday, July 21, 2018

My Most Prized Teacher Possession

Twelve years ago one of my students gifted me with a blank, black leather-bound journal. As a teacher of writing, I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit journaling has never been a daily practice of mine, so I had no special plan for its pages. And little did I know it would turn into my most prized teacher possession. Today I filled up the final page of that journal with my neat, tiny typewriter-like font. Now I feel the urge to celebrate - to say that I've done this cool but rare thing.

I might own the fastidious font, but the words in this journal belong to some of my favorite mentors: Regie Routman, Donald Graves, Lucy Calkins, Donalyn Miller, Ralph Fletcher, Dave Burgess, and so many more. I have such a poor memory, but I rarely wonder what these gurus have said or where to find their words even months after I've read their books. It's all in one place - my quote journal. The additional time spent writing my favorite quotes in my journal after a professional read is well worth it. Instead of collecting dust on a shelf, their thoughts are within my reach, which means they're more likely to impact my practice. I have instant access to their best thoughts. 

In anticipation of this day, blank journal number two is waiting in the wings, and maybe, just maybe, there's a journal waiting for your font, neat or not, as well.

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