Thursday, December 15, 2011

Noiseless Notes

Middle and high school teachers might not appreciate me for this, but I teach my kids how to pass notes.  Wait a minute.  Do kids even pass notes anymore?  Nah, they probably just text.  Anyway, I call it noiseless notes.  It's a great activity to bring out during the month of December when their teacher is in need of some peace and quiet.  It's also one of those time-fillers that comes in very handy when there's an extra five minutes here or there.  December is also a good month to introduce noiseless notes because the kids have had a few months of writing under their belts.  It's really very simple.  They write notes to each other on their whiteboards, but they can't say a word.  They're reading.  They're writing.  They're using their best spelling and handwriting so someone can read it. They're doing something meaningful and authentic.  They're doing it quietly.  Their teacher is happy.  Sigh.  (They enjoy writing to me too.  Thus the perfect spelling in some of these pictures.)

(I like you!  I like you too.  Thanks!  You're welcome.  You make me smile.)
 (I like you.  You are awesome.  Why, thank you.  Thank you.  You're welcome.)
 (Gus you are smart.)
(I love the clothes you are wearing Miss McMorrow.)
 (You are awesome Jackson H.)
(You are pretty!  That's so nice of you!)

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