Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Surely Someone Will Read It

I've often wondered how many parents actually read my weekly newsletter.  I know they have busy busy lives and some have papers coming home from several different teachers.  I continue to send it home in faith though.  Surely someone will read it.

I've posted about my newsletter before, but I felt the urge to tell a little bit more about my favorite parts.  Plus, Laurie from Chickadee Jubilee shared with me how to post this very cool view of it without taking a picture like I would normally do.  Thanks Laurie!
  • I always include a quote, because I'm not smart enough to say it like the experts.
  • I don't want to get too wordy, but I like to keep parents informed about some of what their reader, writer, speller, mathematician, and thinker will be up to.
  • There are always school-wide happenings that I don't want parents to think they never heard about, so I remind them of things not to forget.
  • Ask Me About is one of my favorite sections.  This is in honor of the many times a child has been asked, "What did you learn today?" and they gave the infamous response of,  "Nothing."  Oh, huh.

  • Finally, when parents turn over the newsletter they get to read a few writing samples.  I love sharing these with parents each week.  I get to highlight my little authors, the author's parents feel all warm and fuzzy, parents see where their young writer fits into the spectrum of typical writing ability, and maybe, just maybe, parents will not pass up a chance to read my newsletter because they hope their little darling's writing is on the back.  Crossing my fingers!
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  1. I love the idea of including student writing! :) I send home a weekly homework/announcements sheet in my student's homework folders, and sometimes I think the same anyone reading this? Actually, I think that more about my classroom blog. I try to keep it updated, esp. with pictures of what we're of these days, I'll put a counter on there! :)

    Adventures in Second Grade

  2. I always have my star of the week do a guest column on the back, it gets the kid more excited about the newsletters, so they are more likely to show it to their parents. Honestly, my parents started reading the newsletter more when I put LESS content information on and started putting the upcoming weeks spelling words on them. Go figure! :)
    Stories From Second

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I am super close to 100 followers (as are you!) and think I may need to do a giveaway. I constantly wonder if anyone actually reads the Newsletter I send home every Friday! Sometimes when parents ask a question, I wish I could hit a button that said, "See Newsletter." and then hang up.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  4. I think the same thing every week when I send newsletters home! =) Love the sample writing!!
    First Grade Blue Skies

  5. i send one newsletter home a month...last year i started putting their weekly words in the newsletter and that seemed to really engage the parents...i love the "ask me about" a parent, i am so tired of hearing "i dunno" when asked what happened at school...sheesh
    i also do a monthly curriculum themed oral sharing activity...last month it was family trees...on the student's special day they presented their family is one of my most favourite things to do and also gets the parents engaged (you should see some of the projects!)

  6. yeah, I don't think my parents read mine..I even have a friend who is one of my parents and she told me once that she doesn't read it - REALLY??!?! Geez people!
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  7. I know how you feel especially when a child comes to you and says "my mom said you didn't send a note about..." really? I sent TWO notes and it was in the weekly Fridge Facts that they're suppose to put on the FRIDGE!!! I like the idea of adding the kids writing!

  8. That is a great idea of including the student writing on the back of your newsletter! What a great way to get your parents excited about seeing their child's work and also for them to see where the other students are at too.
    Conversations in Literacy

  9. I used to send home a weekly newsletter but now I do it every two weeks. I always wonder if parents read mine too! So, to find out who reads it, every so often I sneak in a little "bonus" for those parents who actually DO read it. I've put in things like--"after reading this newsletter, write your child's name on the back, return it tomorrow, and your child will get a free book" or "sign the bottom of this and your child will get 5 Tompkins Bucks". I put these towards the middle-bottom of my notes. For the free book note, I only had 8 out of 28 notes returned. :( But I WILL keep doing the newsletters and I WILL keep adding in the little "bonuses" for those parents who actually do read my amazing notes. haha!!

    WILD About First Grade!

  10. I absolutely love all these comments everyone. What great ideas you've left me with. Thanks so much for dropping by and supporting my wee little blog. :)

  11. I love your newsletter! It's so hard to squish everything you want to say in a newsletter on to 1 page!! I love the "Ask me about" section.

    You're awesome, Tammy!!

    Let's Teach Something 

  12. Now you have 96 followers, I'm the newest :)


    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  13. Thank you Staci. I love that you dropped by.

    Tanja - you've completely made my day. Maybe some day I'll actually get to 100. :)