Friday, October 28, 2011

A Newsletter Treat

I send home a weekly Friday newsletter.  I've been tempted at times to take a survey to find out how many parents actually read it, but I'm chicken.  What if only three do?  Oh well, I'll keep sending them home regardless.  At least no one can say I'm keeping secrets.  

My newsletter has several sections:  Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, Math, Theme, Handwriting, Don't Forget, and Ask Me About.  I suppose they aren't the most exciting things a parent could read over the weekend, but I sure do hope they pay attention to the back.  That's my favorite part at least.  That's where I feature the writing of a few authors from our room.  I choose pieces they've written during Writing Workshop, shrink them down to fit on the page, and translate the hieroglyphics of first grade writing for parents.  I hope it sends the message that we're all writers worthy of being featured and enjoyed by audiences even outside of our classroom.

Here are the two pieces that I'm hoping parents are reading on the back of their newsletter as I type this.

I went to the zoo with my uncle and Nicole and they were holding hands.  (Check out the talking bubble.)
First we saw the butterflies.  They were landing on us.
 Then we played on the giraffe slide.  My uncle pushed me down.

 We were playing wall ball with my brother and his friends.
It was rolling in the grass.  We were chasing it.
I got it.  My brother almost got it but I got it.

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